Tohoshinki "TONE" Album Launch in the Philippines

Universal Records and Cassiopeia Philippines, in cooperation with MYX, Astroplus and Odyssey, invite you to TOHOSHINKI "TONE" ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT ON NOVEMBER 26 (SATURDAY)

We are launching 3 versions of TOHOSHINKI “TONE” albums on this day for only $55 USD with 12 SPECIAL FREEBIES! Click here to RSVP in the Official Event Page.

Fellow Cassies from other countries who can't attend the album launch but would like to avail of the albums AND exclusive freebies (which are only available at the album launch) can pre-order! Click here to order from Cassiopeia Philippines.

Bundle includes:

If you purchase all 3 versions, special gifts include: ONE (1) RED TOHOSHINKI BAG, ONE (1) TVXQ! BALLER, ONE (1) CHANGMIN/YUNHO UCHIWA, SIX (6) PHOTOCARDS AND TWO (2) VERSIONS OF TONE POSTERS + 1 additional surprise freebie from Astroplus or Odyssey! whew! That's a lot of free stuff. :D

Three versions on TONE (2 CD+DVD, 1 CD)

Two (2) TONE Posters

Six (6--yes all six!!) Tohoshinki Photocards

Red Tohoshinki  "TVXQ! Gods of the East" Thick Baller

One (1) Changmin/Yunho Uchiwa

One (1) Red Tohoshinki Bag

Don't miss out on this one-day offer!! :)

Bonus Freebie from Astroplus / Odyssey

One (1) TONE Bagtag



[Fashion ID] HIGH CUT Korea Magazine – Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of JYJ

MAGAZINE: High Cut Korea Magazine Vol. 64 Nov 2011

MODEL: Singer and Actor Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of Korean band JYJ; also on the cover

BRANDS: Burberry Prorsum, System Homme, Vanhart Homme Collection

WHERE TO BUY: High Cut Korea Magazine; Clothing and accessories - see captions.

SOURCE: [Fashion ID] HIGH CUT Korea Magazine – Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of JYJ

Snow Day~ :D

Hmm.. I wasn't sure whether I should post this but I think I'll do it anyway XD
Today it snowed~ That's really not news but considering that it's Georgia and the snow doesn't usually stick, everyone was freaking out lol
And of course as soon as I saw the fresh snow on my driveway I had to carve TVXQ into it XD I wanted to put Always Keep the Faith too but.. it'd be to big v_v

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1st ever Philippine KPopCon


December 5, 2009 [10am-5pm]…

It was the day of ULTIMATE spazzing and fangirling! Yesterday was the “First Philippine KPOP Convention”, a project of the Pinoy Kpop Community for Gawad Kalinga (GK) that took place in a veeeeeery far place like Starmall Alabang. *counts money and cries*

But even if it was quite far, it’s all right for us because we want to show our love and endless support for our DONG BANG SHIN KI boys (they especially need us right now!)!!! Aaargh~! If you were just there to hear the screams of the girls from Cassiopeia Philippines whenever we see/hear TVXQ songs—aye, your eardrums will be gone in seconds like ‘poof!’

There were tons of fun (and boring) activities in the event, but what I enjoyed most was the “fangirling over the DBSK members’ large tarpaulins!” Hahaha. Gah, it was so embarrassing to pose beside the picture with 1,000 people staring at you in front. But I paid no heed. (everyone did the same, anyway. Haha)

Here are some pictures (click on it!):

Collapse )

Anyway, there were also LOTS of goodies that were being sold, but I only got 2 keychains (“Always Keep the Faith” and “Kim Jaejoong (in Korean characters) back to back with Kim Junsu”). The YunJae goodies sold out fast! Huhuhu. I was depressed for a while because of that. TT^TT

I hope to see you all in another gathering! But I want an ALL DONG BANG SHIN KI gathering~! :D

See ya later, fellow Cassies~!
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Mirotic fanmade version :D! (seoul infinite dream concert contest 09 entry)

Hello!!! well, we're a TVXQ fanclub called Darkness Eyes from Guadalajara, Mexico. For this contest we made our fanmade version of the Mirotic PV :3!!, and I will like to share it with all of you :D!! Hope you all like it!! if you do please vote for us ;3;!! our video's name is Darkness Eyes Mirotic :3!!
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[VID] Mirotic in European languages

Hey DBSK friends~ ^_^

I wanted to share something with you..

I don't know if you can remember our Multi-language song that we did at Phoenix a few months ago..
(Phoenix = European FC of TVXQ)

I'm talking about this one:

We've translated Mirotic into 13 European languages.. It was a project done by many European fans of TVXQ ^_^

I can't remember if I promoted it here but you surely have heard of it.. If not then have fun watching ^__^

Well and due to the fact that so many people liked it and wanted to hear the whole version of each language, we decided to translate the whole song in each language^^...

So far we could finish the Serbian, Greek and Danish version.

Check it out here:

Collapse )

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Dangerous love

Fellow Fans?

Hello everyone~!
In mid August my mom and I will be relocating to Claremont California, and I was wondering if there were any fans out there. I'm not going to know anyone when I move and I figured some fellow fan friends would be pretty awesome. Maybe even some who go to the High School? (That would be amazing!)

Anyways, thanks for reading this~!
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