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Day-in-the-life of TVXQ fans!


World Cassiopeia is all about the worldwide talents of TVXQ's beloved fans.

Dedicated to Cassiopeia and each Red Balloon's individuality; to show our differences and our talents as 'individuals' <3. It is the Day-in-the-Life of Cassiopeians. We showcase the Nations we hail from and show the world that ethnicity and location does not get in the way of our love for TVXQ <3. We come here to share what TVXQ has inspired us to do and how much we've improved through our love for them.

The main point here is that we are all friends, sisters and brothers, despite our occasional fights and bitter disagreements. It does not change the fact that we love the same people (though, sometimes not for the same reasons ^-^).

Be all you can be, Cassiopeia, because TVXQ is rootin' for each and every one of us, whether they know us individually or not <3.

WorldCass Mods:

soloscry (main mod)
chloe1910 (co-mod)
love_cassiopeia (graphics mod)
imaii (media mod)
joongielover (co-media mod)
xcorpusdelictix (advert mod)
atobekazuki (co-advert mod)

dbsk_fancams : A fancam-exclusive community <3!
dong_banged : Mood-lifting Dong Bang images <3 !
landofchangta : A community dedicated to Changmin/Keita (LEAD) !
tvxqeufc : TVXQ European Fanclub on LJ <3!
toho_dancers : A community dedicated to teaching/helping/showcasing Cassiopeia dancers ^-^!
dongbangkinki : DBSK Kink (for mature viewers only)
smuju_k : Super Junior and DBSK Smut (for mature viewers only)
jaedore : Kim Jaejoong fanworks community!

Please read our RULES before joining <3!

Also, meet our Mod-Circle, we have eight mods here who are dedicated on making your stay here at worldcassiopeia as fun and relaxing as possible <3!

pinkfluffies (co-graphics mod)